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Route 30 Reconstruction Project: La Revanche and Le Update Sept 22

How’s your French? Well, work on it or you shall miss all my funnies today. It’s time to hear again about the Route 30 Reconstruction Project, also known as let’s make east-west traffic easier at the cost of completely forgetting our town is north-south oriented. Oh wait…what? No, in this case, the idea is to make north-south crossings a bit

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Merriam Street Gets Re-Designed Barriers

Here’s the good news, Weston: the roadside barrier on Merriam Street across from the lovely wetland boardwalk worked as planned–no vehicle into the drink at the Cherry Brook overpass. The beavers there are greatly relieved as they had just finished spring clean-up on their 5900 square foot home. Yep, they too escape planning board. According to the police reporting (which

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Constabulary Notes From All Over: Weston’s Worst Intersections 2022

With a nod to The New Yorker, which used to frequently quote police blotter “events” in Bar Harbor, Maine, the Owl presents the 2022 Worst Intersections of Weston. If you are not a New Yorker reader (and I do question why in the world you wouldn’t be) Constabulary Notes from All Over would frequently quote the wackiest stories from the

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