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Tree By-Law Public Hearing Weds May 4 – Last One Before Town Meeting

Here is my last unbiased post on trees this week. Consider yourselves warned. I too get to send my messages but mine shall not be anonymous. Unless written by my red oak tree and I will leave it to him/her to decide that, or perhaps sign a waiver. Yes, my trees talk to me…yours don’t? That may explain some things.

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Tree By-Law/Sustainable Tree Initiative Back at Planning Board Wednesday

Discussion of the proposed Sustainable Tree Initiative (aka Tree By-Law) is back on the agenda at Planning Board Wednesday, April 6, 2022, at roughly 7:45 pm (it is the second item on the agenda, so the exact timing is unclear). The agenda screenshot is below, but I suggest hitting this link and then you see all the cool background information

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Tree By-Law (Sustainable Tree Initiative) Public Hearing Wednesday

The Planning Board will be having a Public Hearing regarding the proposed Zoning amendment for a Tree By-law (also known as the Sustainable Tree Initiative) on Wednesday, March 23 at 7 pm. You can find the agenda for the Planning Board meeting here. While this is the first “public hearing” of the Tree By-Law, the tree preservation initiative has been

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Sustainable Tree Initiative To Be Discussed at Planning Board Tonight

Tonight, sometime after 7 pm, the Planning Board will be taking up a discussion on the so-called Sustainable Tree Initiative. Some others would call this a Tree By-Law and some would call it Stop Cutting Down all the F’ing Trees, oh wait that is just me. Yes, the Owl has already opined on this in January before the Select Board

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Weston Tree Survey, aka Lorax Identification Matrix

Last week, the Owl receieved an announcement about a Tree Survey that the Town is doing to gauge resident anxiety over tree death by private hands (I am summarizing). Oh all right, here is the actual town wording: Members of the Planning Board, Select Board, Tree Advisory Group, and the Sustainability Committee are working with the Town Planner in examining Weston’s

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