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Snow Falling, Birds Singing: It’s March at College Pond Conservation Area

By the time you read this, College Pond will look different from these photos–it’s warming up today and the perfect glacé of snow covering will have melted or flopped onto the forest floor or meadow or pine needle trail. What will not change is the sounds of red-winged blackbirds (they’re back!!!), chickadees, goldfinches, robins, tufted titmice, and downy woodpeckers. Yes,

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Get Outside Right Now: College Pond

Okay, Weston, consider this a permission slip from your medical professional to drop everything you are doing, and use this gorgeous fall day to soak up autumn and its unique beauty. Blue skies, warmish temperatures (it’s all relative) and the oaks, birches, larches, and maples all agree with me, and no, none of us is actually a medical professional. I

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