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May the Road Rise to Meet You: Fire Chief David Soar Retires

Chief Soar’s retirement get-together (he requested no public ceremony) today at the Weston Fire Department featured kids, a cool plaque, and CAKE. I love cake. Sadly, the Owl was unable to attend, but Town Manager Leon Gaumond sent on a few photos. May the road rise to meet you, Chief. Enjoy your retirement! And know that the Wes-TEN will forever

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Gets New Number Today

As most residents know, the Weston Fire Department helps with more than getting cats out of trees (actually they almost never get that call) and fighting fires (keep an eye on those firepits in this drought). The Owl learns stuff all the time from their excellent Facebook communications page–yes, they are probably on Twitter and Instagram too, but this Gen

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Weston Fire Department Has Busy Saturday at a Charles River Rescue

The Owl is re-posting the following write-up from the Weston Fire Department with their permission. All images are theirs. Also, our fire department rules and is nothing like the Tacoma Fire Department (HBO Max, not the actual one, about which I have zero information). ++ Yesterday, Saturday February 26, just before noon the Weston Fire Department was dispatched along with

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