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Did You Know? Weston’s Watering Trough

If you actually stop at the four-way stop at Boston Post Road/School/Church (aka the Intersection of Doom), congratulations! You are part of the .00000015%! And the stoppers get a bonus view of Weston’s historic watering trough where General Knox took a drink while rolling the cannons along…oh fine, the 1890s trough post-dates General Knox and the Paul Revere bell tolling

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Weston Garden Club Wreathing Weston in Holiday Glory

The Weston Garden Club members continue their tradition of greening in the holidays throughout Weston’s Town Center. Decorations include sixty-eight (68!!) wreaths on windows and doors of the Town Hall, the police and fire stations, the DPW building, the Art and Innovation Center, the Josiah Smith Tavern, Brook School, as well as white pine swag for the Watering Trough. The

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