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WMS Student Johan Coisman Named a Finalist In National Science Competition

The Owl was just alerted that Weston Middle School seventh-grader Johan Coisman has been selected as one of 30 finalists in a national middle school science fair. Yesterday, the Society for Science announced the 30 finalists in the inaugural Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge (Thermo Fisher JIC), the nation’s premier middle school science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) competition. The

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Weston Public School Happenings: Getting Ready – Calendar, Bus Routes, and PTO Welcoming

. Update 6:40 pm: Post has been updated to include Elementary School events and Middle School Supply lists. While you all have been swanning about on your 50 foot catamarans and visiting Kefalonia (everyone, but everyone, went to Greece this year), or hanging around the firepit at your Maine pond, drinking ice tea and watching the labradors be labradors, the

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New Assistant Principal Announced for Weston Middle School: Welcome Brian Buck

. As the school community knows, long-time Middle School Principal John Gibbons is retiring at the end of this school year and current Assistant Principal Phil Oates will become the new Principal of Weston Middle School. Is it possible to be sad and happy at the same time? Yes, it is. This afternoon, Dr. Connolly, Superintendent of Schools, announced that

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No Surprise, But Lots of Delight: Phil Oates Named Middle School Principal

. Surprise and delight–one of the Owl’s favorite terms from business school. It sums up how a company can just make someone’s day–a freebie, an upgrade, an extra that is unexpected and absolutely welcome. Well, the following announcement from Dr. Connolly, Superintendent of Weston Public Schools, contains ZERO surprise for the Owl and 100% delight. Phil Oates, current Assistant Principal

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Meet Dan Taylor, WMS Science Teacher and Chess Club Leader

. Next up in the Owl series of “Do you know your educators” is an Owlet all-time favorite. Full disclosure: there are several all-time favorites–the series is naturally biased toward those folks. If you have a favorite educator, send a note to the Owl (thewestonowl@gmail.com). If your kid has passed through or is currently at Weston Middle School, it is

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Happy Pi Day Part 2: Student Recites 220 Digits of Pi at Field School

. While the rest of us were walking around bonking into walls in morning stupor post-time-change, or trudging out to get the bus (secondary schoolers) or sitting in classrooms anxiously awaiting early dismissal (elementary), a major math-y feat was feted at Field (wow, I am awake and I bet you are too now). Former Field student (and now Weston Middle

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