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Weston Public School Happenings: Getting Ready – Calendar, Bus Routes, and PTO Welcoming

. Update 6:40 pm: Post has been updated to include Elementary School events and Middle School Supply lists. While you all have been swanning about on your 50 foot catamarans and visiting Kefalonia (everyone, but everyone, went to Greece this year), or hanging around the firepit at your Maine pond, drinking ice tea and watching the labradors be labradors, the

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PTO Presentation on Tech Overload Tonight Wednesday November 17

Okay, that’s it! The Weston Owl waves the white flag (white-tailed mouse?) about keeping up with the events of the next few days. It is impossible!! Did everyone just forget to check everyone else’s calendar? Did everyone just say, “hey, it’s the last Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday before the holiday week so let’s ALL do something? It’s not possible to get to it

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