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WHS Teacher Matthew E. Henry Launches Third Book; Reading August 4

Weston High School English teacher and poet Matthew E. Henry will be reading from his new collection the Colored page at Weston Public Library next Thursday, August 4 at 7 pm. the Colored page is Henry’s third book and first full-length collection. “It’s a semi-autobiographical journey of a Black kid in predominantly white spaces–a METCO student in Wellesley, college and

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Weston Voices: Welcome Woodland School’s New Principal Jason Dimen

As Owl readers know, we here at the journalistic center of the universe (and facetiously using the royal “we”) love the Weston Public School system. As a product of the Nutmeg State’s public school system, we have always appreciated the exceptional teachers and administrators along the way. Woodland School, the cutest-named of all Weston’s schools, has recently named Jason Dimen

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Did You Know? Coyote Concerts

Mid-February through March is coyote breeding season, and if there’s one thing all Weston residents know (besides curb height, all medical facts about Covid, oh and traffic engineering), it’s that our town has many coyote residents. If you have ever woken in the night to eerie howling and yipping, that is probably not your Lincoln neighbor (well, one is questionable)

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