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Wild About Weston: Mabel the Muskrat Freed from Reservoir Fence

. One of Weston’s favorite local wildlife characters, Mabel the Muskrat, was recently freed from a no-good, very-bad day at the Weston Reservoir. A local resident called Weston Police Animal Control Officer Karen O’Reilly to mention that there was a fluffo in the chain-link fence and said fluffo was not getting out. ACO O’Reilly and the Weston Fire Department managed

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Wild About Weston – Fishers

It’s time for another episode of Wild About Weston, this time taking a look at one of the most elusive Weston residents, the fisher. A recent burst of excitement in our town’s favorite tempest-in-at-teapot (aka Community Facebook page) was about a fuzzy backyard visitor who was likely looking for some chow in the way of bunnies (please please come to

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