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Wildcats on the Prowl this Week

So, it’s a busy day here in Owl-landia and while I had been hopeful about having time to talk about Weston High School and Middle School athletics this week, I feel that I have to cheat by simply publishing what’s up from Arbiter Live. We have no fewer than 28 games and matches and mushings

Did You Know? Weston School Buses

One of the things that it is wonderfully American and either excites nostalgia or bad memories is the big yellow school bus. Growing up in suburban New York and Connecticut, the bus was non-negotiable—there was no “mom, can I have a ride?” In my earliest elementary years, we had a good half-mile walk down a

Sunday Gratitude: Dad

Today, my father Henry celebrates 82 years. He and my mom are elsewhere today, enjoying the freedom that comes with retirement and health, and a car tank full of gas. We Owls were lucky to have them visit us for three weeks recently–a gratitude that was particularly deep after pandemic separation. My dad doesn’t read