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Reception for Joe Ferguson, Local Weston Artist, This Saturday, October 1

Celebrate the arrival of October, the year’s orangest month (unless you are Dutch and then well, orange is never out of style) by stopping by the reception honoring Weston artist Joe Ferguson this Saturday, October 1 starting at 2 pm at the Art & Innovation Center. That was a marvelously long first sentence, no? As

Weston High School Gush: Activities Fair

Yeah, I know the Owl is obsessed with the high school. There are reasons for this, not all of them to do with the Owlets. In this case, the Owl was sent the link to a video done by Weston Media Center and high school senior Mackenzie Morong, who is a student board member of

Did You Know? Weston Police Relief Association and Why It Matters

Yesterday morning, this town’s favorite news channel the Wes-TEN (all of Weston’s happenings in 10 minutes or less, between two pines), rolled into the Weston Police Station for interviews, time in the weight room, and to check in with our favorite (and only) community police force. If you haven’t spent time with any of the