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A Day in the Life of a WFTA Ranger (and an Update on $4K by 6/4)

As the Owl mentioned in a post on May 12, June 4 is National Land Trust Day and Weston has a wonderful open space and land trust non-profit named Weston Forest & Trail Association. The Owl is a trustee, and head of the stewardship area, though is never ever trusted with a chainsaw or a

Weston Shellebrates World Turtle Day with the Release of Hobbes

Today turns out to be a best day for the Weston Owl, and a really good, perfect day for Hobbes, the Cat Rock snapping turtle. And probably it is the day that you learn to believe in the overwhelming awesomeness of our public safety officers. Let me start at the beginning–grab some bon-bons and head

Music Al Fresco Fundraiser at Pierce Park with Society of St Vincent de Paul

What a blast Celebrate Weston/Spring Fling was, right? A huge round of feathered clapping (flapping) for everyone involved in making the day an amazing success and so much fun we almost forgot our shoes were melting into the pavement. It will take me at least a year to recuperate so please no celebrating anything until