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Food Wes-saissance Arriving in Downtown Weston

As any long-time residents of Weston know, the Town Center Improvement Project, nicknamed the “Wes-saissance” by everyone’s favorite local news show the Wes-TEN, has been grueling. Not only did we have curbgate, knotweedgate and firetruck turn radiusgate (that one does NOT work), but along the way, Weston said goodbye to the Off Center coffee shop, Ye Olde Cottage in the

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Friends of Weston Reservoir Keeping the Love Alive

As mentioned earlier this week on the Owl (see post here), the Weston Reservoir at Ash Street is a unique and well-loved place for walkers, trail runners and dogs alike (no bicycles or horses, sorry). The slightly-more-than-two-mile loop offers views of the Reservoir, the deep woods and plenty of opportunities to fall over tree roots. While mostly owned by the

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Resting Our Case: Touring the Renovated Case House

More than a year and a half ago, the renovation and upgrade of Case House, also known as the Weston Public School administration “club house” (not really) were completed. A town-wide coming-out party and open house was readied to show off the improvements in spring 2020. But then… Covid. Since that time, the building has been largely off-limits to visitors

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