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Did You Know: Indigenous Peoples Day

On Wednesday, Boston joined another twenty towns in Massachusetts in officially recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day on the second Monday of October. You can see the list of towns, including our neighbors in Wellesley and Newton, that no longer celebrate “Columbus Day.” Additionally, there are a number of school systems that recognize the day when their town does not: this includes

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2020 Census Data Show Weston Growing and Changing…Slowly

Yesterday’s Boston Globe presented the census data for 2020 versus 2010 in the state of Massachusetts. While Weston’s houses may be supersizing, our overall population size is not. Massachusetts as a whole grew 7.4% in population during the decade but Weston slowed its roll to 5.2%. As noted in the “parent article,” Massachusetts’ population is shifting with one town in

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Did You Know?: The Origins of Weston’s Wildcat

The Owl spends a whole lot of time “go ‘cat’ting” as you probably know, and you may wonder “hey, where did that phrase and logo come from?” Or maybe you don’t and then I would just skip this post. After extensive market research*, the Weston Wildcat appears a universally well-liked mascot, as mascots go. As we watch the Washington Football

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Did You Know? No Disturb Zones and Tree Removal Policy

Many folks new to Weston, and even some long-time residents, don’t realize that Weston does have a wetlands protection and tree removal policy. As a well-known tree-lover in town, the Owl receives a photo a week from people who are horrified by the clear-cutting of trees on private property. While most developers in town do know the law about this,

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College Pond’s Apple Orchard: Why Town Meeting Matters

As most residents of Weston know, the town is blessed with 2,000 acres of Conservation and open space, much of it donated or purchased in the 1950s through the 1970s. Without the tireless work of Weston Forest & Trail volunteers as well as people who thought more about community than about 7,000 square foot houses, Weston would look a lot

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