WHS Wildcat Tracks

Wildcat Tracks is the official student newspaper of Weston High School. Journalists are ninth-twelfth graders, with editors from 10-12th grade. The faculty leader for Wildcat Tracks is Ms. Kate Lemons, who is also the Chair of the English Department.

Wildcat Tracks is available at the school in printed newspaper format, while stories are also uploaded to the online site. Please follow this link to the site for Wildcat Tracks.


For 2022-23, the editorial staff consists of:

Co-Editors-In-Chief – Grace Kirk and Ava Dreyer

Online/ Website Editor-in-Chief – Divya Rajan

News Editor – Areta Quazi

Feature Editors – Farrah Zerola and Natalie Rassiger

Arts & Entertainment Editor – Jack Tutun

Opinion Editor – Nico Barbieri

Sports Editor – Molly Ross

Photo/Art Editor – Jeffrey Asaredanquah

Social Media Manager/Photo Editor – Jeffrey Asaredanquah

Readers can reach newspaper editors through the email wildcattracks@my.weston.org.

You can also follow Wildcat Tracks on Instagram @Wildcattracks and Twitter @WildcatTracks.