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Do the Waltham Mountains Keep Us Safe from Framingham? Discuss

A friend of mine sent me a hilarious article from this morning. The screenshots of social media humor made my entire morning, even with my own struggles with the keyboard-from-hell. There is a time and place for paying attention to social media, and that is right now. The beginning of the article sets up the situation: “The Last of

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Mamaleh’s Semi-Rural Delivery – January 26 and February 17

Mamaleh’s, the Weston Owl’s official source of lox and bagel, is heading into the wilds of Weston tomorrow, January 26, for their suburban drop-off. For some reason, they keep terming this as a “pickup,” but I’m thinking it’s more a dropoff–like drop off that yumminess right into the backseat of my car. Why yes, it does feel a little like

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Metrowest’s Favorite ‘Cat Sends Love from Minnesota

Anyone remember Bruno the serval, found last year hanging around rural Lincoln? His story was followed by many important news sites nationwide, as well as the Owl. The Owl’s write-up is better. Just sayin’. Why? Because every Westonian has a soft spot for wildcats and for stories of rescue and redemption. There is no better day to celebrate the people

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