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Sunday Gratitude: Dad

Today, my father Henry celebrates 82 years. He and my mom are elsewhere today, enjoying the freedom that comes with retirement and health, and a car tank full of gas. We Owls were lucky to have them visit us for three weeks recently–a gratitude that was particularly deep after pandemic separation. My dad doesn’t read this blog anymore. After the

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Sunday Gratitude: Smiles

Yesterday was a fairly typical spring weekend day for the Owl: a morning walk in the woods listening to the conversations and trills of red-winged blackbirds and catbirds, a run with a friend, a conversation with neighbors at the end of the driveway, baseball and soccer games with the Owlets, and a bonus celebration of first communion with friends. And

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Sunday Gratitude: Legitimacy

Yesterday’s Town Meeting was a wonderful demonstration of small-town legislative process–residents showed up in unexpected numbers (more chairs had to be found), some families brought children to see how it was done, and when votes were called, people raised their yellow cards as requested by our fearless Moderator. In addition, and on the fluffy side, it was fantastic to see

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