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History Corner: A Murderer and a Front Yard Dead Horse. Just Another Day in Weston

As the Owl has mentioned, it is worth joining Facebook or perusing Instagram (you can see posts without joining) just for the new Historical Society posts. Instead of heading out to buy a new double oven (the last of the kitchen appliances to die in the last two years), I started catching up on a couple of missed days of

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Golden Ball Tavern and its Team of Loyalists Looking for Tour Guides

Now, as most Westonians know, we have two publicly-accessible-ish (soon, JST, soon) Taverns in town. While the JoSTice (the Josiah Smith Tavern at 358 Boston Post Road) gets most of the attention as the Community occasionally LOSES its collective mind on Facebook about the costs, the lease, the use, and the lack of restaurant, there’s another tavern down the street

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History Corner: Schenk’s Pond, Ice Cutting and the Historical Society Hits Facebook

In December 2022, the normally-quiet Weston Historical Society facebook page suddenly sprang to life, with posts appearing several times a week. Stories about downhill skiing at Cat Rock, temperance in Weston (the original dry January), and past Olympic athletes from Weston sucked in this reader, even on vacation in the southern hemisphere. While some of the stories of pungs and

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