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“The Tragedy of Thomas Paine” and Other Uplifting Tales at the COA

. On Wednesday, June 7 at 10 am, join University of Maryland historian Richard Bell at the Council on Aging for a program entitled “The Tragedy of Thomas Paine.” The Council on Aging is actually billing him as “Tom” Paine–if you ask me (and you didn’t), he does not seem like a “Tom” but rather a “Thomas”, and I must

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Tavern Tastings with the Tories – June 8

You know what I love about the Golden Ball Tavern Museum? Their unapologetic use of the word “Tory”–for a while there I thought we had given up on that word given its negative connotations (anti-Patriot, pro-Las Vegas Raiders maybe) and were going “Loyalist” but no, we are back to Tories and all their hisTORYcall tea-loving, scone-eating, beer-swilling traditions. In that

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St. Catherine of Siena Tridentine Mass in Weston

. As you probably have noticed, the Owl does not often pick up religious or church-y news, unless it is sent to my attention ( It’s not purposeful–it’s not preferential one way or another–we don’t attend any church except for the natural one in Jericho Forest. This is where we miss a town newspaper of the real kind–weren’t there always

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The “New” Wonders of the World: Starting Tomorrow May 16 with COA

. This past week, one of Mr. Owl’s (and my) favorite musicians passed away. Rita Lee, a “heiress” of the Tropicália movement started by Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Gal Costa (who passed away last year) among others, was one of the musicians who thumbed their noses at the military dictatorship that oppressed Brazil from 1964-1985. I could go on

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“History Under One Roof” is Open at the JST for Two Days Only May 13 and 20

. Ahhhhhh….the JST…the JoSTice…the Josiah Smith Tavern…the former Jones Home. The once and future tavern restaurant, possible future home of the Weston Forest & Trail Association, the Women’s Community League (aka Weston Community League) and the Weston Historical Society. Seemingly finished for the past year, it remains empty of tenants, and this Owl is looking forward to discussions of alternative

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WFTA Monthly Walk in Highland; Annual Meeting at Scout House May 7

Weston Forest & Trail Association and its dedicated and incredibly talented trustees (ahem) will hold their monthly walk on Sunday, May 7 at 2 pm. This month’s walk is at the Highland Town Forest, the second-largest conservation property in Weston, and will conclude the WFTA’s walk calendar for the year 2022-23. Brian Donahue, our town’s conservation titan and retiring WFTA

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