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The Trails were There for You; Are You There for the Trails? WFTA Membership Plummets Year over Year

Last year during the worst of the pandemic, usage of Weston conservation land skyrocketed. Residents and non-residents alike sought out peaceful distancing in the white-pine and hardwood forests, and the open meadows and wetlands and streams. Along with that, membership in the non-profit Weston Forest & Trail Association (WFTA) also climbed into the hundreds, as trail users realized how the

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Conservation Takes First Steps to Eradicate Knotweed at Brush dump: Volunteers Needed

For those of you who missed #knotweedgate, an episode when the town of Weston unknowingly planted Japanese knotweed in the town center, the bottom line is we have a large, extremely difficult invasive issue in this town. What we all know now is that the culprit for the town center debacle is the fill coming from an area in the

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Meet Jordan McCarron, Weston’s New Conservation Administrator

Almost exactly one month ago today, Jordan McCarron came to Weston as our new Conservation Administrator, stepping into the opening left when Michele Grzenda moved to Lincoln. The Owl has almost forgiven Lincoln for stealing Michele, mostly because they have a large Minute Man group and are not afraid to use it. And, having met and talked with Jordan a

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Did You Know? No Disturb Zones and Tree Removal Policy

Many folks new to Weston, and even some long-time residents, don’t realize that Weston does have a wetlands protection and tree removal policy. As a well-known tree-lover in town, the Owl receives a photo a week from people who are horrified by the clear-cutting of trees on private property. While most developers in town do know the law about this,

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Organic Poison Ivy Removal – The Good News and the Bad News

Four years ago the Owl noticed some three-leaved vines heading up a couple of white pines in the back yard. Being massively allergic to poison ivy and with an aversion to chemical remedies, what’s a person to do? Call Pesky Pete. Pete Barron is the owner and operator of Pesky Pete’s Poison Ivy Removal, an organic poison ivy removal company.

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