A Day in the Life of a WFTA Ranger (and an Update on $4K by 6/4)

As the Owl mentioned in a post on May 12, June 4 is National Land Trust Day and Weston has a wonderful open space and land trust non-profit named Weston Forest & Trail Association. The Owl is a trustee, and head of the stewardship area, though is never ever trusted with a chainsaw or a

Weston Shellebrates World Turtle Day with the Release of Hobbes

Today turns out to be a best day for the Weston Owl, and a really good, perfect day for Hobbes, the Cat Rock snapping turtle. And probably it is the day that you learn to believe in the overwhelming awesomeness of our public safety officers. Let me start at the beginning–grab some bon-bons and head

Get Out Here, Weston!

Folks, this is your roving reporting Owl saying it’s cool and beautiful here in downtown Weston. So far I’ve driven the snowplow, touched a giant red fire truck, talked to 80 zillion titans of Weston, watched some eager high schoolers at Spring Fling—bunnies!!! Art!!!, avoided the classic cars as I know nothing about double overhead

Weekend Calendar: Celebrate Weston and Enjoy Spring Fling

This will be the Owl’s only post today, partially because carpal tunnel syndrome threatens, and partially because she wants you to concentrate on one thing only. Tomorrow is this Town’s biggest party in a decade (since our tri-centennial) and if you miss it, there will be no further partying until we inaugurate new water tanks

Ping-Pong, Anyone? Class of 2021 Gift Appears at High School

I don’t know about you all but it feels like structures are spontaneously generating all over town. First a sculpture on the AIC lawn, and now a ping-pong table at the high school. Remember that last fall a large black cat also appeared outside of the high school. Cue creepy Twilight Zone music. Oh fine,

Downtown Traffic-Calming Measures Now Include a Joe Ferguson Sculpture

You can’t say that Weston doesn’t try. After months of dealing with the crazy at the Intersection of Doom, Weston’s Traffic & Sidewalk Committee recently approved* the placement of an arresting (not in the Weston Police way which seems to have largely failed) sculpture by long-time Weston resident and artist Joe Ferguson. Those of you

WHS Outdoor Track Wins Dual County League Foley Division; Records Broken

Note: This story has been updated at 11:30 am on 5/19/22 to reflect input from Athletic Director Mike McGrath and Outdoor Track Head Coach John Monz. It was quite an afternoon yesterday at Proctor Field. Athletes, coaches and parents competed and/or cheered as the best of the Dual County League (Middlesex and Suffolk Counties) ran

Titans of Trees Celebrate Arbor Day with the Class of 2029

Just released is the fabulous Weston Media Center video of the Arbor Day Celebration on April 29, 2022– a number of titans of trees and Conservation make guest appearances, as well as a Town Manager reading a Proclamation while being seemingly concerned about the theft of his folder, and a whole big energetic crew of


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