Did You Know? Weston School Buses

One of the things that it is wonderfully American and either excites nostalgia or bad memories is the big yellow school bus. Growing up in suburban New York and Connecticut, the bus was non-negotiable—there was no “mom, can I have a ride?” In my earliest elementary years, we had a good half-mile walk down a

Sunday Gratitude: Dad

Today, my father Henry celebrates 82 years. He and my mom are elsewhere today, enjoying the freedom that comes with retirement and health, and a car tank full of gas. We Owls were lucky to have them visit us for three weeks recently–a gratitude that was particularly deep after pandemic separation. My dad doesn’t read

Town Center Re-Hab Rolls to a Grand Finale

Anyone feel like Town Center work has been going on forever? Does anyone actually remember what Weston looked like without huge trucks, pavement “surprises” and orange cones? So, here’s your good news of today: we’re in the end game. Le coup de grace. Das Ende. O fim. Out of languages, so moving on. The final

Weekend Ideas for September 17-19

And now it’s time for your Weston social secretary to spring into action! Heck, you probably have one, so this may not even be a joke. If said secretary is on vacation, this is what’s happening nearby this weekend (and it’s not a high color moment yet in Maine so leaf-peeping is not a thing…yet…)

Notes from School Committee meeting on September 13

All right, the Owl kept waiting and waiting for someone to send in an article with a summary of everything discussed on Monday’s School Committee zoom, but alas, no one did. And so she had to watch the whole thing–except she didn’t because math-y people started to talk and it was time to get a

WCCA Fall Kick-off – Saturday September 18

If you are on staff for (oh, all right, “parenting”) some littles, you must surely know of the town’s amazing Weston Community Children’s Association (WCCA). From the official page, “the Weston Community Children’s Association was founded in 1981 as a volunteer organization dedicated to fostering friendships and connections among families with young children in Weston

Swap Shed Grand Reopening Saturday

Yes, you read that correctly: it’s the GRAND reopening of the Swap Shed. Only in Weston would it have such a lead-up…but probably only in Weston do we have the frequently-upper-shelf goods that frequently appear there. Personally, I love the pianos and the outdoor furniture–and the bicycles and skis. Good times are back, Weston! Gosh,

Where am I? Brazil or Weston?

Some of you may never visit Brazil for whatever reason, so I’m bringing Brazil to you. This view through the windshield is pretty much EXACTLY what it looked like for 15 miles on our way from São Paulo city to a weekend house in Joanopolis, Brazil in the early ’00s. Well, actually this is a

Local Farmstands: ‘Tis the Season

While many residents are bemoaning the imminent closure of Russo’s in Watertown, the Owl has to admit she pretty much never went there. When we live where we do in semi-rural Weston, there are more than a few homegrown options around for your fresh veggies and fruit. I have a special place in my heart

Weston Business: The Training Lab Opens Downtown

There’s a new fitness space in “downtown” Weston and the Owl could not resist dropping by to meet its owner, Nicole Cotnoir. While the soft opening is this week (as in, drop on by and get to know the space), the grand opening of The Training Lab will be next Saturday, September 25 from 9


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