U15 Lacrosse and Soccer Teams On Playoff Runs

In a pandemic year with middle school sports largely canceled, the Weston seventh and eighth-grade boys and girls town lacrosse and soccer teams have found success on the field. When you consider that all of them started spring season in masks running up and down fields and that we (as Weston) are small fish is

Weston Pride: Coming to a Front Yard Near You

Weston residents Melanie Larson and Robert Baker are leading the charge on bringing Pride month lawn signs to the front yards of those who are interested in participating. “We think Weston is a town where some people would like to put up a unified yard sign in acknowledgment and support for Pride montth,” said Melanie

Scholarship Funds Awarded for Weston Metco Students

On Wednesday, June 2, the METCO program celebrated the seniors who graduated on June 4 at the Town Green. As part of the celebration, scholarship checks were awarded to six applicants to the John Hudson Memorial Scholarship Program, one more than in past years. The METCO celebration for the graduating seniors also announced that they

Weston Welcomes New Business Intuitive Wellness

Last week, the Owl got a chance to meet new business owners Laura Martel and Hailey Roque at their beautiful facility in the “Walgreens Plaza” of Weston. Outfitted with all kinds of exercise, recovery and stretching “stations”, it was hard not to feel excited to get moving! Open since September 2020, Intuitive Wellness is all

Sunday Gratitude

“IX” by Wendell Berry I go by a field where onceI cultivated a few poor crops.It is now covered with young trees,for the forest that belongs herehas come back and reclaimed its own.And I think of all the effortI have wasted and all the time,and of how much joy I tookin that failed work and

Weston Soccer Upcoming Evaluations

The news from Weston Soccer is that we’re coming up on evaluations week for elementary and middle school-aged kids. Remember: you do not have to attend Weston public schools to be on the Weston town teams. All Weston kids and kids of parents who work for Weston public schools are welcome! Registration for the fall

Weekend Calendar: In and Around Weston

Wondering what to do this weekend? Here’s a non-comprehensive list of events and goings-on, some of which were sent to the Owl and some of which can be found on the official town webpage of Friday, June 11, 2021 Movie night. 7:45 pm gathering. Join the First Parish Church for their first outdoor Friday

Eighth Grade “Moving On” Ceremony Plans Becoming Clearer

Weston Middle School does not have a “graduation” ceremony for the eighth-graders, but rather a “Moving On” event which marks the time when students move on to either Weston High School or to private school (there is also moving out for those leaving Weston but that is technically not a ceremony). “For at least 20

It’s Senior Night for Weston HIgh School Lacrosse

Tonight, Weston High School Lacrosse fans, friends, and teammates say thank you and so long to the seniors. Many of these “kids” have played lacrosse in Weston since elementary school and their energy and leadership will be missed. The community is invited to attend the ceremony at 6:30 pm at Proctor Field, followed by a

Weston’s Memorial Pool Opens Saturday, June 12 at 11 AM

Just in time for it not to be blistering hot anymore, Weston’s Memorial Pool opens Saturday, June 12 at 11 am. Time to find your bathing suits and earplugs, folks, because the screamin’ begins as soon as those toes hit the arctic water. And please do not waste anyone’s time complaining about the temperature–it is


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