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Sunday Gratitude: Among The Trees

Hooray, hooray, first day of May! And according to the forecasters, we might actually have real spring day–not the blustery chill of the last week. The leaves of trees are in their golden green phase now–popping out into the sweetest tiny versions of their future selves. The trees which remain full grey still–the two oaks that fill my yard with

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Sunday Gratitude: Golden Daffodils

If you’ve been reading along with the Owl, you will know that my favorite spring flower is the daffodil. A symbol of hope and rebirth, alive with sunny warmth, there is nothing like seeing their waving little dance along the borders of walls, roads, and ponds. Last fall, on a cold day in November, the Country Garden Club and volunteers

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Sunday Gratitude – On This Hillside

Last weekend I spent a couple of hours walking around Somerville and Cambridge with one owlet while the other was recertifying as a soccer referee in Somerville. The walk took us down busy streets, past restaurants that looked appealing (Juliet’s in Somerville, who has been? Thumbs up or down?), to Harvard Yard where we ran into Brazilians instantly recognizable by

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Sunday Gratitude – No Pasa Nada

This winter public school break for the Owls has been an interesting glimpse into the return to tourism and an old stomping (scuba-ing, really) grounds, and a first time at an all-inclusive resort. Requested by an owlet who was “tired” of our usual travel to museums, historic sites and wandering the streets, it was the much-needed February warm-up for this

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Sunday Gratitude: The Parliament of Owls

This is the Weston Owl’s anniversary week. One year ago, the idea of creating a news page for Weston (which I had been contemplating for six months before that) turned into a decision on name, a “branding” with the talented folks at Fiverr, and an ongoing Gen X battle with WordPress. Today is about gratitude for the group of people–or

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Sunday Gratitude – First Snow

You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect snow than Friday’s. Arriving as it did in the middle of the night, the Owl went to sleep in autumn, and woke up in winter, a gorgeous blanket over the brown scruffy grass and leaves. And it just kept coming down. Next door I could hear the elementary-school-aged kids already up and

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