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Reception for Joe Ferguson, Local Weston Artist, This Saturday, October 1

Celebrate the arrival of October, the year’s orangest month (unless you are Dutch and then well, orange is never out of style) by stopping by the reception honoring Weston artist Joe Ferguson this Saturday, October 1 starting at 2 pm at the Art & Innovation Center. That was a marvelously long first sentence, no? As covered in a past Owl,

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Did You Know? Weston Police Relief Association and Why It Matters

Yesterday morning, this town’s favorite news channel the Wes-TEN (all of Weston’s happenings in 10 minutes or less, between two pines), rolled into the Weston Police Station for interviews, time in the weight room, and to check in with our favorite (and only) community police force. If you haven’t spent time with any of the characters pictured above, you’re missing

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Craft Beer for a Cause – at Waltham’s Charles River Museum September 29

On Thursday, September 29 from 5:30 – 8:30 pm, head down the street to my favorite W town that isn’t Wellesley or Wayland, and join the fun at the legendary Charles River Museum’s Craft Beer for a Cause fundraiser. For those not familiar with it, the Charles River Museum is Waltham’s hometown museum with a mission to educate about America’s

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Local & Global Discussion Group To Discuss Crack-Up of Republican Party on October 13

Oh fine, I totally just “Daily Mail”ed the Council on Aging’s upcoming presentation but it got your attention, no? The ever-timely Local and Global Discussion Group is taking on one very large book for its October discussion and you had better start reading Here’s the actual factual listing from the COA: +++ Amidst all the current political turmoil –

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Cross-Weston Walk Announced: Join WFTA from Lincoln to Wellesley on October 30

As many Westonians know, there is a long-standing rivalry in Weston between the coveted northside and the desirable southside.* While it does not reach the level of Golden Ball Tavern (loyalist) vs Josiah Smith Tavern (all patriot all the time) competition which caused cannons to be rolled down Boston Post Road (oh fine, that was actually General Knox and K9

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“Wild Wild Weston” Boosters Bash Party Tickets on Sale Now

The Owl is going to try incredibly hard not to adopt a cowboy twang but Boosters is making it hard. This year’s Boosters Bash (aka fundraising yee-haw) is titled “Wild Wild Weston.” All attendees will be issued lassos and spurs, the former to rustle up the rats currently invading the Weston Transfer station (transport buses leave at 8 and 10)

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