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The Trails were There for You; Are You There for the Trails? WFTA Membership Plummets Year over Year

Last year during the worst of the pandemic, usage of Weston conservation land skyrocketed. Residents and non-residents alike sought out peaceful distancing in the white-pine and hardwood forests, and the open meadows and wetlands and streams. Along with that, membership in the non-profit Weston Forest & Trail Association (WFTA) also climbed into the hundreds, as trail users realized how the

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Covid-19 Vaccination Update For Weston

Updated 7/31/2021 to reflect corrections by a reader to state-provided data. Given the new CDC and Massachusetts guidelines that came out this week, the Owl decided to see how Weston is doing in terms of vaccinations this summer. As is true for every Thursday since months ago, Massachusetts released yesterday the latest vaccination numbers for municipalities. The latest data show

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Sunday Gratitude: 7 Years

Yesterday marked seven years since the Owls moved from São Paulo to Weston. Seven years since my brother and his family met us at the airport with a big sign and Red Sox caps, then my parents drove us “home” to an empty house that would wait three months for furniture (if you haven’t experienced a South American customs strike,

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