Local & Global Discussion Group To Discuss Crack-Up of Republican Party on October 13

Oh fine, I totally just “Daily Mail”ed the Council on Aging’s upcoming presentation but it got your attention, no? The ever-timely Local and Global Discussion Group is taking on one very large book for its October discussion and you had better start reading right.now. Here’s the actual factual listing from the COA:


Amidst all the current political turmoil – the search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, constant accusations of racial injustice, school shootings, stock market fluctuations, the war in Ukraine, Fauci’s resignation and his Covid legacy – the Local and Global Discussion Group of the Weston Council on Aging will review the recent bestseller The Deconstructionists: The Twenty-Five Year Crack-Up of the Republican Party by Dana Milbank at its October 13 meeting.

Milbank is a popular Washington Post columnist and The Deconstructionists has been described as a “scathing history” of a quarter century of Republican attempts to hold on to political power by any means necessary. The book, which is available on Amazon, is more than 400 pages long; for those who don’t wish to read the entire work, a number of summaries are also available on Amazon. [Ed….whaaaaat??? Do not Cliffs Note this, people. Homework is good.]

The meeting will be hybrid, meaning that discussants can participate in person or via Zoom. It will take place from 1:15 to 3 pm on October 13.

Anyone who is interested in a civil discussion of the issues with a wide variety of participants is welcome to attend. Just show up at the Council on Aging at the appointed time or contact Susan Wagner (susanwgnr@gmail.com , 508-733-8810) for a Zoom link or if you have questions/comments.

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