Out of Home Range: the TRACK at new balance

If heaven has an indoor track, it will look like the TRACK at new balance. And yes, I do have the capitalization correct–it turns out, according to the marketing materials, TRACK needs emphasis and everything else is just background. As in, did you know there is a TRACK at the New Balance complex in Brighton? Well, there is and it is amaaaaaaaazing. And guess what? Weston, as a member of the Dual County League, gets to use it for our DCL meets mostly thanks to Weston’s secret weapon, league rep and Weston Athletic Director, Mike McGrath. Yay, Mike!

the TRACK marketing look-see

The TRACK is pretty inside and out. And does not smell (I am elbow-pointing at you, Reggie Lewis Center though I dearly love your gritty self). The spectator chairs are comfortable and everywhere has a good view. In theory, there is food available, though the Owl was disappointed to see no sushi or gnocchi options as would befit the awesomeness of the location. At the two DCL meets I have attended, the food is roughly an open vending machine, as Mr. Owl puts it, or middle school theatrical intermission as I put it. You know– folding table/snicker bar/cash lifestyle. Let’s level that up, okay, NB? Note that their bling store is always open with lots of lycra shirts with …what else…”the TRACK at new balance” emblazoned on them.

If you happen to come to a track meet, do know that things run very very efficiently (elbow point elsewhere) and when they say the meet is from 4-7 pm, it is going to end at 7 pm whether or not there is still a runner on the track. Lights out. Okay, not quite that strict but close. It is really good entertainment watching the 55 meter run down the middle of the track, then catching a breath during 1 mile events while long jump and high jump set up in the middle and it’s go-go-go. The huge lighted screen displays the times you wish you had in high school–these kids are FAST.

everything everywhere all at once

As a digression, I can hardly wait to see what sports facility New Balance is going to build next–I am pretty sure there is already a hockey rink and a basketball court there, right? No owlets play these sports. How about NORDIC TRACK (with fake snow ) at new balance? An Olympic-sized POOL at new balance? Oh wait, no cross marketing possibilities – no shoes needed. Ummm…definitely we need a massive SOCCER at new balance (yeah, the TRACK has a turf field somewhere in the joint but that’s not what I’m talking about here). I volunteer my kids to model any new footwear; send over the contracts, NB!

All right, so at this point, you may want to know the numbers. Here they are:

+200-Meter “hydraulically-banked” indoor track. Translated this means your kids are running up a hill and down a hill on the “corners.”

Image credit: New Balance (that there is a hil! I’m tired just watching)

+2022-23 inaugural track season will host over 80 track meets and 250 practice sessions.

+In 2024, the TRACK will host the NCAA Division 1 Men’s and Women’s Indoor Track and Field Championships.

+The facility can accommodate up to 5,000 guests.

+Dedicated track and field throwing area and a 24,000 square foot athlete warm-up track.

+Awesomeness. And you can rent it for an event. Invite me.

Here are some Weston runners at the TRACK:

Excited to check it out? Well, here’s the overall agenda for the facility over the next months but as a Wildcat FAN, you are invited this Wednesday, January 11 (and next Wednesday, January 18) to cheer on the Wildcats at their third and fourth DCL meets. It’s $7 to get in, $10 to park in the adjacent garage (street parking is generally findable if you are patient). The meets start at 4 and end at 7. On the dot.

Weston fans can usually be found around spectator seating area 4. We are small but we are mighty. Yes, it is the DCL so we are vastly outnumbered by Buccaneers (we can again discuss why land-locked Bedford has a sea-faring mascot) and the hyphenated gang (C-C, L-S and A-B) but it turns out that Weston is very very good at running.

You can find out more about the TRACK at new balance here: https://thetrackatnewbalance.com/

Go ‘cats!

Why is Weston WES2 and Westford WEST? I protest.


  • The choice to assign “WEST” to Westford and something else to Weston is not just “arbitrary” but also confusing because unless the teams are on a list (but the name just posted somewhere) how is the reader supposed to know to whom “WEST” refers? Maybe a more intelligent choice, such as WESF for Westford and WESN for Weston (I haven’t checked which OTHER “WEST…” towns need to be considered!!!) would work.

    • Oh yes, I know it is not arbitrary. In the Dual County League, it is just us and Westford Academy that start with “WEST” which is good because if Westwood and Westborough were with us, things would be nutty. I was kind of joking around, as usual, but I know of course it is not arbitrary–Westford comes before Weston in the alphabet. But now that I’m here, I’m going to fix things for the DCL. All. hyphenated towns (A-B, C-C and L-S) can use first two letters of first town and first two of second town. Currently Boxborough, Carlisle and Sudbury don’t even appear on the acronyms. Poor things. Let’s go with ACBO, COCA (my favorite) and LISU. That’s fair. Westford Academy can be WSFD and we can be WSTN. There, I’ve fixed it, DCL, you are welcome. 😉

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