Stay Home, Weston!

At 12:50, I left to film the Wes-TEN and roads were still okay. At 2:20 pm, this was not the case. My car has AWD, winter tires and a driver from Connecticut (umm’me, not a chauffer). And yet, it had a small slide on the School Street hill by the AIC. And a car coming around the corner onto Conant from 117 almost slid into my stopped car. There are numerous accident reports in town.

If you do not need to go out, please do not do so. Send your kids home by bus. It is the safest way to travel right now.


  • Glad you got home safe! Hope same true and soon for Owletts too!
    I left and made it home safe as well 🙂

  • Thank you , Owl. I was out at exactly the same time and slid down Highland from Rte. 30 with no plows in sight and was grateful to turn into Highland Meadows and soon home. It’s much easier to appreciate the beauty of a winter day from inside.

  • Thank you for the warning!

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