Friday Night Lights for Boys Lacrosse: Friday April 28

All photos credit: Laura Hanson


Ahhhhhhh…. feels like forever since I’ve been able to write the words “Friday Night Lights.” Probably November was the last time. On Friday night April 28 at 7 pm, the Weston Wildcats Boys Lacrosse team takes on the Sharon Eagles under the bright lights (which are all aimed downward to not confuse migrating birdies) of Proctor Field at the high school.

In general, the Owl is a HUGE fan of these high school traditions that bring out the entire community (hint, hint) to cheer on a bunch of students who they may not even know. Wasn’t that the TV show? The town showed up and cheered and had fun and ate hot dogs and yelled “go team!” There were some other sub-plots about “real life” stuff too perhaps. I admit I never watched it. Football makes me wince–I cannot handle all the squishing.


My only issue with lacrosse is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell who is who under those helmets. I want names on the jerseys. Wait, do we have names on the jerseys? We don’t for the soccer team. Hmmm. Anyway, someone will print up the list of kids and post it on the Snack Shack and you can take a photo of it, pick a number and cheer for that kid. Or just yell “go ‘cats” or “go Weston.” Pretend you know what’s going on down there when the players go behind the goal (this hurts soccer players’ eyes) or whack each other’s sticks with their sticks and that is okay. Very confusing game. On a trip to DC this February, we went to the National Museum of the American Indian where there was an exhibit about lacrosse which said that when Native Americans played the sport way back when the field could be a couple of miles (yes, miles!) long and there could be a 1,000 players. That is a hot mess. Bet there were no helmets.

Anyway, come out to the significantly smaller-than-2-mile Proctor Stadium and watch the ‘cats take on the eagles. Who will win? I think I know. Come early, stay late. Snack shack is open, and most likely you will find Boosters around selling warm ‘cats gear for when you realize that things are a little nippier than you had planned. As per usual, I think there is a charge for entry–$5? $7? Stuff some cash in your pocket.

Go ‘cats!

Oh, look at what a little birdie just sent me! Uniform numbers!

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