Food Wes-saissance Arriving in Downtown Weston

As any long-time residents of Weston know, the Town Center Improvement Project, nicknamed the “Wes-saissance” by everyone’s favorite local news show the Wes-TEN, has been grueling. Not only did we have curbgate, knotweedgate and firetruck turn radiusgate (that one does NOT work), but along the way, Weston said goodbye to the Off Center coffee shop, Ye Olde Cottage in the Lamson Plaza Shops (I just made up that name) along with its reubens and melamine plates, and so long to Brueggers’, the number one employer of high school students not employed already by Bros (I just made that up too). A series of crabby posts (synonymous) on Facebook bemoaned the food desert that Weston had become with the exception of two oases at Dumpling Daughter and Theo’s, and emergency coffee at Bros.

Yet it was precisely this Facebook Community chatter that first spied changes a-comin’. The Ye Olde Cottage site was the first to spill the beanage–brown paper covered the windows and a stenciled Weston Provisions appeared in the windows at 403 Boston Post Road. Also the phrase “Something Gouda is Coming” makes me think that these are Owl kind of people. Or Tacoma Fire (you still haven’t seen it? you’re missing out). Bad puns are us. Anyway, the Owl did make contact with the new owners but they’re not talkin’ so to speak until they’re a little farther along. Looks like a cheese and sandwich shop (massive research on that–also it is on their logo) which makes me very very happy. Do I get a pre-opening viewing/tasting? One can hope. You can follow their journey on their facebook page or if you don’t have facebook, you can just drool on their window until they open. Oh, or instagram @westonprovisions.

It does look like a marijuana leaf, no? Oh, fine, maybe it’s an Heirloom Tomato leaf.

Next up is Heirloom at 31 Center Street. To be honest, those beans had been rumored for some time, as the new owners/managers are from the food dynasty that includes Dumpling Daughter next door. Stenciled on their window this morning is Breakfast Lunch Coffee and their instagram address of @heirloomweston. Honestly, people, I hate Instagram. True story. You will not find the Owl there. I am still fighting with MySpace, I cannot learn this stuff. In any case, I did find my way this morning because the word came out that at least some of the bakery items at Heirloom are made by Michelle Hardiman, Weston resident and unbelievably talented baker. You have not lived until you get a custom cake and macaroons and cookies from her. Not to digress, but the dinosaur soccer-themed cake she did for us two years ago will live forever in our best moments of life as the Owlets battled out a game on top of a cake. And then ate it. Yum.

From Heirloom’s instagram

Okay back to Heirloom. In spite of a Facebook message to the owner of Dumpling Daughter, I have been unable to get the scoop or a backstage tour or any cake at all. I also do not know what kind of leaf is on their sign. It is suspicious. I do love the name, and the family, and I demand cake. Whoops, I digress again. Looks like Heirloom will open in February and we are all just so excited. Cake. Oh yeah, do not head over to their instagram if you are hungry. The lox and bagel, people…this New Yorker (yes, University hospital, folks) has the bagel radar up.

On a side note, I am a huge fan of the landlord(s?) of the Bros Plaza Shops. The continuity in the signage of white background/black text is lovely. Clean. Neat. Lamson folks, please take a note because there is just a whole lot going on over there.

This is a pretty plaza. Nice work, landlordie people

Welcome to the Food Wes-saissance, Weston! It is a matter of time until the JoSTice Restaurant opens for edamame and a draft beer as well.

Go ‘cats.


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