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Late Snow and Spring Awakenings: Gwyn Loud’s March Column for LLCT

. As posted in the Owl on past occasions, Gwyn Loud’s wonderful newsletter for Lincoln Land Conservation Trust is one of my favorite reads every month. Because March is always hopeful for those of us with crocuses and happy organic yards (do not get me started on lawn pesticides), this is usually my favorite of her monthy newsletters. It’s also

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Learn About Our Fuzzy Friends Renovating Waterways: Beavers March 2

As many of us Westonians know, the beavers live among us. The Owl is a huge fan of beavers who are among the most gifted architects in Metrowest, and never need approval from the Planning Board. You can see a past Owl about the beavers who have moved in along Cherry Brook: https://westonowl.com/2021/10/13/beavers-move-into-cherry-brook-flouting-stormwater-regs/. It is further believed that beavers are

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Sudbury Valley Trustees: Owls, Pollinator Kits and For the Love of Nature

The Weston Owl has a pyramid of land conservation trust love–maybe a trifecta, First (and bias alert, I’m a trustee of the top level) comes Weston Forest & Trail Association, then Lincoln Land Conservation Trust and then Sudbury Valley Trustees. What LLCT and SVT have that WFTA, as all-volunteer-led organization, does not are fantastic education programs, pollinator plant kits and

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Lincoln Land Conservation Trust Does It Again: Invasive Species Guide

Weston, if you had taken my advice years ago, we would have annexed Lincoln, the fantastic town to our north with which I share a backyard. And lucky me, because the backyard share means that someone other than just me is battling the garlic mustard and wall lettuce. I also have access to one of the best non-Weston conservation properties

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Local Nature News from Gwyn Loud and Lincoln Land Conservation Trust

As many folks know, the Owl has a strong desire to annex the town of Lincoln for many reasons, including the wonderful open spaces, involved residents and community spirit. Unfortunately, the downside of their community spirit and involved residents is their extremely well-run Minute Men group, and the fact that they would say “live free or meet my musket.” So

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