Heirloom: Long Live Great Food, Great Friends & Spicy Honey Tea

The Owl finally got her chance to check out the new Heirloom restaurant today at 31 Center Street in Weston, invited by two friends for a nice lunch. In summary, we have won the jackpot, Weston, with a beautiful, comfortable place with delicious food and a huge menu that will definitely have something for everyone.

Heirloom had a soft opening for its Instagram followers during the February public school vacation week. As I’ve said before, I am terrible on Instagram, and was not in the country anyway, but the soft opening was purposeful as the new place ironed out the menu, supplies, and trained new workers. The system is to order your food at the counter (much like Dumpling Daughter if you have been there), get a number on a stick and find a seat. The last part may get tricky because this place is already popular, and undoubtedly will continue to be. Service was quick–but the seating so comfortable we were not in any hurry.

Before I even located my lunch companions in the restaurant, I chatted with three friends at a window table and waved to two others across the room. Soon after we sat down, one of my favorite law enforcement officers stopped by for a chat as he was picking up food for the station. An owlet’s’ soccer coach appeared soon after, and then co-workers from Weston Media Center. I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me to have a real local hangout like this one–except I might have to actually put on real people pants if I’m going to run into all of these folks. Yes, I own them. The pants, not the people.

Actual picture of me arriving at my lunch date.

The space is wonderful and welcoming–while I am not a fan of gray, the charcoal walls make the huge black and white family photos stand out–the place is surrounded and embraced by family traditions. As many know, the owners Nadia and Kyle went to (Weston) high school together (go ‘cats!) and have strong ties to our town–Nadia also owns Dumpling Daughter next door.

Nadia stopped by for a chat with my two companions and we heard more of the story of Heirloom–how her father had always wanted the space for his own restaurant (the family also owned Sally Ling’s in Boston) when Butttrick’s closed in 1998. He was beaten out by Bruegger’s for the space. That, my friends, was our loss–but Nadia is making up for it now.

“I just know that he would be so proud and happy that we’ve opened this restaurant here,” said Nadia as she glanced at a photo of her father on the wall. “Family is such a part of this place, which is why we call it Heirloom.”

Regarding the leaf motif that had some folks wondering if a marijuana retail outlet was coming in, Nadia laughed and said it was just a stylized leaf. But I will say it is the perfect place for anyone suffering from the munchies–the Cubano sandwich for one was so well-served that I brought home half of it for my own family. Fries, people, get the fries–yeah, you can get the sandwich with salad, but why would you? Live a little.

There are breakfast dishes of eggs and waffles, lunch-ish stuff of Cobb salads, avocado and tuna salad, tuna melts (YUM!), and there I’m hungry again. The molasses cookie by local baker Michelle Hardiman (she provides a number of the baked goods) could start a fight if you try to share it with your tablemates–be safe and order n+1 cookies (I am so mathy today). The Tea Forté tea with spicy honey was amazing.

I believe it is my moral and media duty to try every.single.thing. on their menu so I’ll see you all for lunch there for the next month. In addition, today they were out of the raspberry lime rickeys (macerated fresh raspberries with house simple syrup, club soda, fresh lime juice) which I just have to try. Apparently, the recipe is close to that of the Buttrick’s days…they are and were now-owner Kyle’s favorite. I suspect he is drinking it all down in the back room. I shall be back.

I will share my only complaint — no, not a complaint, but a suggestion. I love that they give you a large full glass bottle of water to take to your table so you don’t have to get up and get more all the time. I only would wish that they would either give you real glasses rather than plastic–or perhaps paper cups if dish-washing is the issue. It’s a minor point. I can live with it. Do not cut me off from the cookies.

Welcome to the food-aissance, Weston style. Eat local!

Heirloom is open 7 am-3 pm Tuesday through Friday, and 8 am-3 pm on Saturday and Sunday. 31 Center Street (the Bros shopping center). If you are handier on Instagram than I am, you can find them at @heirloomweston.


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