WHS Teacher Matthew E. Henry Launches Third Book; Reading August 4

Weston High School English teacher and poet Matthew E. Henry will be reading from his new collection the Colored page at Weston Public Library next Thursday, August 4 at 7 pm. the Colored page is Henry’s third book and first full-length collection.

“It’s a semi-autobiographical journey of a Black kid in predominantly white spaces–a METCO student in Wellesley, college and doctoral study throughout metro-Boston, and then as an educator and writer down the road from where the journey began,” said Dr. Henry. “The poems explore 30+ years often being the only Black or Brown face in a classroom, department, or whole district.” You can read more about the book here: https://www.mehpoeting.com/the-colored-page

The book launch is planned to be a poetry reading mixed with Q&A. Jackie Liu (WHS ’21, go ‘cats!) created the cover art (Dr. Henry describes her, and I concur, as “wonderful and wonderfully talented”) is also slated to present at the book launch.

And if all that is not enough to bring you out for the reading, Dr. Henry is presenting a check to the Boston-Weston METCO Program organization, as he is donating 50% of all pre-order sales from the book to a scholarship. You can order the book at the above link.

Dr. Henry is entering his ninth year teaching in Weston — he says “it doesn’t feel that long at all” but then again, he has yet to have an Owlet in his classroom. Next year may feel long indeed.

The Owl asked a few more questions about the fundraising. Henry’s publisher Sundress Publications donates 10% of pre-order sales to a charity/organization of the author’s choice. Dr. Henry selected the Boston-Weston METCO Program Organization’s scholarship fund because he “knew the money would directly go to kids, not abstractly to a charity’s administrative costs.” In addition, he bumped the donation up to 50%, supplying the other 40% from his own revenues.

Why METCO as the fundraising beneficiary? “As the collection discusses, I was a METCO student in Wellesley for a number of years (until we moved out of Boston), so I figure it’s another way I can give back,” said Dr. Henry.

See you at the Weston Public Library! (87 School Street, Weston). And yeah, go ‘cats!

Shout-out to First Parish Weston and my favorite razzable (it’s a word) church leader Jeff who also offered space for the book launch when WPS District administration mandated a change of venue from the High School Library.


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