Who is the Weston Owl?

Well, that cute little logo (or actually rather large…I can’t figure out how to shrink it yet ;)) is a barred owl, one of my favorite wildlife often seen in the Weston woods. I have seen them while on a run, and many times in our Conservation woods, silently watching. On one lucky day, one flew right over me as I was cross-country skiing in Jericho Town Forest. It had found an unlucky rodent along the side of the trail. I love their call — Who cooks for you? — and the way their heads rotate to follow your path.

I myself have been a writer and blogger for a large part of my life. A friend and I started an elementary school newspaper in New Canaan, CT–this was the good old days of running things off with that purple ink…one copy at a time. Sadly, I cannot find old copies of that one. So yes, I grew up in suburban New York and across the state line in Connecticut. In high school, I wrote for the town and school newspapers and was a yearbook editor. A journal keeper. A reader.

I attended school locally here at Wellesley College, and am very loyal to my purple class. I keep up to date on college news and host students when it’s not covid times. After college, I ran away (haha) to San Francisco where I spent five wonderful years in the most wonderful city ever to be ruined by too much money. Then an MBA at Kellogg/Northwestern and a move to Brazil for three years to market optical networking products (never mind), and then a transfer to Miami for six years and a move to marketing communications. Oh yes, I met my husband at Kellogg; he’s Brazilian which may explain some of these moves. After having twins in Miami, we moved to São Paulo again for six years.

I started my first blog in Brazil called Brazil in My Eyes–it was a daily blog of what was new and fun for me there. A second blog called What Could Possibly Go Wrong – Repatriation started when I moved to Weston in 2014. In it, I proved right what everyone who has ever been an expat knows–it’s harder to move back than to move away. Nothing is what you remembered, not really. Another blog on my short return to the corporate world – which was as short-lived as that attempt.

I have been the admin of the Weston Community Facebook page for the last 5 years. I stepped down in January–for many reasons, including the increased nastiness of social media posting. Folks, sometimes it’s just news. Not a battle to the death. In my six, almost seven years here in Weston, I have also been on a number of school and town committees including PTO, Open Space and Recreation master plan, Tree Advisory Group, Recreation Master Plan…and I am a trustee and on the executive board of Weston Forest & Trail Association, the major love of my outdoor life. You’ll see it here, because I like to share.

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