Weston Elementary Schools are Back All-In

Catching the bus, September 2014 (Owlets are quite a bit bigger now)

Starting today, Weston elementary students are back full-day, five days a week at Country, Woodland and Field Schools, possibly the cutest-named schools on the planet. A full day means 8 am-2:20 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. School is dismissed at 12:15 pm on Wednesdays to allow for teacher development and planning time.

Remote Learning Academy (RLA) continues as an option for students unable to return to in-person learning.

The Owl noted kids out at Field School for morning recess break, or maybe that was Physical Education, and the sight was so uplifting. Students will now have more time to get outside (and to the Nature Classroom, hint, hint). Lunch will be outside (weather-permitting) for all three schools, with each classroom sticking together for their ring dings and sandwiches. Lunch recess is back, and the Owl hopes someone will take a bit of time to fill up the bird feeders that were noticeably empty behind Country School. Specials are also back to being taught in school rather than by zoom in the afternoons.

Looking good, Field School.

Welcome back, students!! And thank you to the school administrators, teachers, and School Committee who made it happen.

Please note that car traffic and bus traffic is expected to be “exciting” from about 2:10 pm to 2:40 pm on the full days (earlier on Wednesdays). The Owl suggests pursuing other routes past School Street so the parents who pick up can get there safely. And as always, let the bus in.


Middle School and High School remain five days a week, but not full-day, at this point. There are hopes and plans to bring these two schools back to full-time after April break. For more information on that, make sure to check out School Committee on April 12 at 7 pm.


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