Easter Bunny and Egg Hunt on Saturday April 16 in Weston

This is a Spring Bunny. Photo by Satyabratasm on Unsplash

Okay, Weston, I will be completely honest with you: I cannot and will not write “The Spring Bunny” and the “Spring Egg Hunt.” If you are looking for a non-denominational bunny, I invite you to join Katie Puppy, WFTA K-9 Ranger and extremly chubby rabbit chaser in leaping after the spring bunny who is looking for the remnants of the tulips he/she (non-gender-biased) decimated in my yard last year. And the year before.

It is the Easter Bunny who is actually six feet tall, wears pastel clothing and hides plastic eggs filled with yummies around the Town Green. Please note that the Owl is non-churchy and even she knows the Easter Bunny when she sees it. I believe, by the way, that any event held on the Town Green cannot be “religious” in nature, and that is why we have a Spring Bunny and not an Easter Bunny. Fortunately, I do not work for the Town.

Just to further that commentary, let me re-tell my favorite living-in-Miami story. We lived in Miami Shores until the Owlets were 18 months old and the big deal each year was the Easter Marshmallow Drop. A helicopter with Santa (!!!) in it flew low over the recreation fields and Santa would throw marshmallows out. After the helicopter choppered away, the kids were allowed to run around the field picking up marshmallows and trading them in for the real candy. It was completely punk and total chaos and I am still traumatized. Probably the owlets are too.

Owlets waiting for Santa to chuck out the marshmallows

In any case, none of that trauma will happen here in Weston this Saturday April 16 at 9 am SHARP (as written in the marketing materials) on the Town Green. I will tell you there is zero chance the Owl will be there as I find this whole letting kids loose to find sugar a little like the Hunger Games but more skeery.

Here’s the officialese:

Hippity-hop to the Town Green and don’t forget to bring your basket or bag for carrying eggs! The annual Spring Easter Egg Hunt will take place Saturday, April 16, 9 AM SHARP on Weston Town Green.

There will be separate sections for different age groups and of course, there will be a special visit from the Spring Easter Bunny. In case of inclement weather, meet the Bunny in front of Town Hall. No registration or fee required. 

Brought to you by the Weston Recreation Department, 781-786-6260. Sponsored by Bright Horizons Early Education & Preschool at Waltham and Wayland

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