Grand Opening of Land’s Sake’s New Barn This Saturday, July 23

On Saturday, July 23, it’s time for the Grand Opening of Land’s Sake’s new barn. You do not need to be a goat or a bunny to attend, nor are you actually allowed to bring your own. Unless they wear tuxes and then exceptions will be made.

The Owl has never been to a Barn Grand Opening. The only Weston barns I have seen from the inside are my neighbor’s (very cool and red), Gateways (very cool and very old and has horses, love them), Case Barn (my favorite) except for the dead squishy chipmunk there last time I visited), Merriam (yeah, that one is basically rubble), 2H (also cool, not as old, lovely big horses who try to munch on me) and Nina’s sheep barn (very cool, love Tall Girl the sheep). Apparently in Weston, cars also now have barns rather than detached garages in keeping with our “semi-rural” moniker. Coming soon to a Planning Board meeting near you.

Here’s what’s happening on July 23:

– Ribbon cutting ceremony at 10am. The ribbon cutting marks the completion of phase one of the Grow with Us campaign.
– Shop the new farmstand from 10am-3pm for farm fresh veggies & local artisan goods
– Bring the kids and join open farmyard between 9:30am & 11:30am
– Pick your own flowers
– Explore the beauty of the farm & visit the bunnies, goats & chickens
– Learn more about phase 2 of the Grow with Us Campaign

Trying so hard not to commentate on the last bullet but having been to enough private school events as an auntie, that last one sounds like I had better hold on to my wallet. Haha, no, happy to hear about Phase 2, please don’t send me hate mail. Sadly I will be south of the border and unable to attend so someone tell me about the party!

You can find out more about Land’s Sake here.

Happy New Barn Day!

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