New Software for Recreation Dept Programs: Gen Xers Everywhere Panic

So, as we all know, Westonians are generally opposed to change. Just ask those who are implementing changes in transfer program policies (the dreaded Pay As You Throw…omg), school grading systems (not even going there) or saving trees. So, imagine the delight that is greeting the change in software from ummm, “old software” (no acryonym, boo) to “Community Pass” software. The new software is being used for all Recreation camp membership and program registrations going forward. None shall pass without it. Oh good, opportunity for a Monty Python reference.

None shall pass without Community Pass!

Actual details on how to sign up are below and I won’t be editorializing them because that would be unfair. I am sure the new software is awesome. I am sure I will install it sometime, but maybe not today as I don’t have littles left who do these programs, but I DO have a story about why you want to sign up your littles (or yourself in some cases) for Rec Programs.

The hardest program to get into when the owlets were little was Super Sports, run by Be Ahead of the Game, and Brian Kelly, who is a Wayland resident and former college soccer player. I would sit at the computer and wait for registration to open and boom! ten minutes later it was filled. Do we still have Super Sports? Awesome use of winter kid energy. Anyway, last week I ran into Brian not once but twice as he attended both Newton South and Wayland games just to see his former players play as high schoolers. He still knows them by name–hasn’t seen some of them since 5th grade. Love.

Anyway, Rec Programs rule so figure out all this software-y stuff and sign up–looks like ice skating registration is already next week (November 2).

Actual factual stuff…brace yourself for change, Weston:


The Weston Recreation Department has released a new software – Community Pass – for all of our program, camp and membership registrations moving forward.  

Current users who created households prior to July 1, 2022 received emails with instructions on activating their accounts. Please follow those instructions and activate your account. These messages were sent on October 6 and 11; please check your spam folder if you did not receive them.

New users and those who created accounts after July 1, 2022 will need to create a new account prior to registering for any programs after the fall 2022 season. Visit, select “Create an Account” and follow the instructions.  Make sure all members of your household are entered and all information is accurate, including ages and grades as this will affect which programs and camps they are eligible for.

Registration through Community Pass will kick off with ice skating (Weston Skating Club), opening on November 2, 10 AM. Please watch your email, Weston Recreation’s website and our facebook page for more information. 

The current software is still active and will allow you to register for any fall programs that are still accepting registrations. You can also register in person or by telephone (781-786-6260).

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