Teen Robotics Class at the AIC: Starts January 19

Imagine your teens could figure out how to have a robot load the dishwasher for them or make their beds? Yes, my teens would much rather take an 8-week robotics class than actually spend 1-5 minutes doing it themselves. Luckily for them, the Weston Art & Innovation Center is offering a Beginner Robotics Class for Teens (note: while household chore robots are not on the agenda, surely this is only the beginning). Here’s the write-up:

The Beginner Robotics Series will be held on Thursdays, starting January 19 from 4-6 pm. In this 8-week class for teens, students will learn how to use the Arduino microcontroller. The series will cover basic motors, sensors, and other tools such as 3D printing. With a project-oriented approach, students will be building their own projects with a high level of customizability [Ed: is that really a word? Too lazy to look up] and independence with instructor guidance. Students will be creating cool stuff such as robot grippers, auto light switches, and pipe freeze warning systems. Each class will be focused on small projects, which culminate into a bigger final project on robot cars. 

About the instructor: William is a high school sophomore who has been teaching robotics since 2018. He is passionate about innovation and fixing problems, big and small, in everyday life. From automated air duct cleaners, to pipe-freeze prevention systems, William has been inventing robots to solve real-world problems. After being inspired at a young age by sci-fi movies like The Terminator and Wall-E, he began working on his own robots and inventions. He strives to inspire and foster this kind of innovative spirit in children and adults alike through robotics.

Anyone else think it is VERY COOL that this class is being taught by a Class of 2025 Wildcat? Yah, amazing. And fun. Go ‘cats!

Registration closes January 17. 

The Weston Art & Innovation Center is located at 356 Boston Post Road. You can learn more at https://westonaic.org/class/beginner-robotics-series-for-teens/2023-01-19/.

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