Water Tank Site Visits: The Long Goodbye


By a large margin of a small number of voters, Weston is saying goodbye to our three historic and doomed water tanks and building new ones. That was a short summary of what has been and what will be a lonnnnnnng process, and for some of us an emotional one as we grew up walking through the snow to school past these behemoths and well, they’ve served us well. Recognizing our emotional need to hug these old water tanks, site visits have been scheduled at all three during the next month.

Fine, much of the above has been fabricated (there will be no hugging of concrete), and what is actually happening is visits to the surrounds of the old tanks to get a closer view of where the new ones should sit. You will want to come along if you are a neighbor to these new tanks, or if you care about the Conservation lands on which every single one sits. Also, what a great excuse to go walk around Cat Rock, Highland and Doublet Hill conservation areas all of which are filled with migrating birds. Did I tell you about the Louisiana Waterthrush I heard in Highland? So cool. Anyway, now for the official town information. I am still waiting for my official invitation as a board member of Weston Forest & Trail Association. Bueller?


Now that Weston residents have voted at Town Meeting to appropriate a sum of money to pay costs for siting, designing, and constructing water tanks, the Select Board would like to begin the process of determining where the tanks should sit. We value the input of Weston residents and Board and Committee members regarding the proposed siting areas.  We invite you to attend the Water Tank Site visits that we have scheduled to be held in the coming weeks. These Water Tank Site visits will take place with the assistance of many community Board and Committee members, along with Town Department Leads. and Wright-Pierce; the Environmental Engineering firm whose experts have been instrumental in the Water Tank replacement project process. We encourage you to view the Town’s website Proposed Water Tank Replacement Project for additional information about the project, to view the three recordings of the Town’s three informational forums on water tanks, along with the video that explains the Town’s critical need for new water tanks.

Please see below for the list of the scheduled Water Tank Site visits:

Wednesday May 31, 2023: 10 am Doublet Hill, 2 pm Paine’s Hill (Highland)

Wednesday, June 7, 2023: 2 pm Cat Rock

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