Commissions and Committees This Week

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It’s a short week for most of us with Thanksgiving now within reach. The Owl will be shutting down for the long weekend, not only to eat too much, but because the Owl’s upgrade to agenda/calendar will hopefully be installed during that time. No, I am not attempting it myself, but hired someone much more talented in tech than I. If the whole thing blows up, it’s been fun while it lasted, no?

Anyway, here are the government meetings this week:

Monday November 22

It’s School Committee time at 7 pm! I have zero insight into any of this week’s agenda items, except I do note that School Committee has moved Public Comment to after the “Update and Discussion re: Public Health Measures and COVID-19 Response.” Good idea. Please also note that there is an Executive Session for School Committee members before the 7 pm call, apparently about Collective Bargaining, so if that runs late, it may push into the 7 pm start time. Relax, get a beverage and you’ll be let in eventually. You can find the agenda and link for tonight’s public meeting here.

Tuesday November 23

Select Board meeting is at 7 pm on zoom. Library Board of Trustees joins for the first bit to fill a vacancy there. Let’s see what else here… discussion of Love Lane Traffic changes (not a fan but mostly because the north side does not need any more complications in getting to the schools on the south side), and setting a date for the annual town meeting. My guess is that this will be a very short meeting and no one will lose their temper. You can see the agenda here.

And now for the mother of all town committee meetings this week. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and gratitude, 518 South Avenue (aka the Whopper) is back in front of the Zoning Board of Appeals at 7 pm. Is this the end date for issuing a Comprehensive Permit? I am not sure–I’ve mostly tried to stay away from this one as everyone’s lawyer is better paid than mine. As my only editorial comment, I worry A LOT about Bogle Brook and possible effluents. I am not convinced this is the best place for a large building. There. Don’t sue me. I am a blog, not actual media. Happy Thanksgiving. Ah, tune in at 7 pm here, and the agenda screenshot is below.

That should just about cover the major meetings this week. Looks like you’ll have time to make the pumpkin pies while tuning in.

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